Wednesday, 15 June 2011

‘The Selfish Lover’ excerpt from an erotic horror story by Mouna Lott

    Chloe poured the cold wine into the two glasses and handed one to Tara
    ‘Dinner’s ready,’ she sighed, sipping from the goblet.
    ‘Come on girlfriend, spill the beans,’ replied her friend, walking to a garden chair spotlighted by the summer evening sun.
    They sat down together at the wooden table laid out with salad, olive bread and seared  salmon fillets. They were at ease with each other in a way that could only mean their friendship stretched back a long way. They could be mistaken for sisters, long dark hair framing heart shaped faces. But there the similarity stopped. Chloe was of a rubanesque physique, her ample breasts and slightly plump legs giving her a sexual allure many found attractive.  Tara had the long legs of a model and round full breasts straining against the skimpy summer clothing. There was still heat in the golden sunlight
    ‘You know Simon came round last night with this girl, the one he had sent me a pic of, suggesting a threesome,’ Chloe spoke in low tones.
    Tara tutted impatiently. ‘Honesty Chloe I don’t know what you’re doing trying to bed him. He’s got a girlfriend and small baby he should be looking after, not running after skirt. It’s not like he’s god’s gift either.’
    Chloe sighed. ‘I know, but  you know how I can’t cope if I don’t have a man to screw and we’d got so far with all the sex texting I thought he was into me.’
    “Well I can understand that. This heat drives me wild and I’m desperate to have a man. We can play together later as a consolation. But you said in your text you were angry so tell me what happened,’ Tara mollified helping herself to salad.
    ‘I was all excited about it and got myself and the bedroom ready. I thought it was going to be Christmas come early if I was going to finally get to have his nice big cock and a beautiful fit looking girl too. But it didn’t work quite like that.  Oh basically the only reason why he came here was because he had nowhere else to go and she’s an au pair living with the family. Simon’s too skint to pay for a hotel. What should have been an evening of the three of us was more him wanting this young hot Italian and not even really paying me lip service,’ scowled Chloe.
    ‘So not the multiple orgasms and clits rubbing together and cum in the face then,’ commented Tara sympathetically.
    ‘Too right. Paola is just this young pretty girl who had never even kissed another woman let alone knew how to suck pussy. If I’d had her alone I could have taught her, shown her how to pleasure. But it was mainly Simon wanting to hump her.’ Chloe paused, sipping her wine, her food left untouched.
    ‘But you got to have him though didn’t you?’ Tara prompted after Chloe had fallen silent.
    ‘There was a point where I rode him and he was eating her. She had her back to me, sitting on his face moaning with pleasure and I thought it was going to turn into a good session after all. But he wasn’t paying me any attention and shot his load too quickly. Then  when I offered her my juicy pussy dripping from his come so she could bring me off she just looked away and got busy with his cock. I ended up having to do a DIY.’
    ‘Oh no that’s just rude. How disappointing, but surely once he’d got over the initial need to come things improved?’
    ‘No it went down hill from there,’ Chloe admitted. ‘ She was lying there all sexy and sweaty, panting  and I began to kiss her. She sort of froze a bit when I fingered her pussy, feeling the softness of her lips from her orgasm and I slipped a couple of fingers inside her. I took Simon’s cock in my mouth to bring some life into it and as soon as he was hard he just pushed me out of the way and spent the rest of the session riding her. He even suggested I go and get them some more drinks.’
    ‘What?’ Tara was now looking aghast at her friend. ‘ That is just outrageous!’
    ‘Oh it was worse at the end. He’s hardly touched me apart from that first ten minutes where he came too quickly. Paula then said she had to get home so he jumped up, got dressed and left with her without any kind words, not even a thank you.’
    ‘What an ass,’ growled Tara. ‘He should be taught a lesson the selfish little prick.’
    Chloe sighed again and began to eat, sharing her disappointment seemed to make it easier. They finished their meal talking about other matters. The evening grew cooler and they went inside and snuggled together on the sofa, stroking each other.
    ‘You know what,’ said Tara after a while, ‘Simon will be punished and I just thought up a plan.’
    She outlined the idea to her conspirator and before long they were both giggling and elaborating on what they were going to do. They went to bed late, making love in a very familiar way of women who'd been playing together since school days.
* * * *
    Simon gazed across the table at the woman, enjoying the eyeful of cleavage on display, feeling her legs  grazing his thigh accidentally. He felt his cock straining in his trousers as her hand brushed across the front of her tight blouse, while her bare foot climbed up his leg and wriggled against his crotch. He hadn’t had sex for two weeks. His girlfriend was knackered all the time, too sore for sex and still bloated from the baby. She just wasn't attractive any more. The scaffolding job kept him fit and watching the talent pass by on the street kept him horny. The last time he’d had sex was with the Italian au pair at that woman’s place.  He’d  done a scaffolding job on her house for her in the spring. She really wasn’t his type, but the texting pics were good to wank to and at least it had given him somewhere to give the Italian girl a good seeing to.
    ‘But I don’t have anywhere we could go either,’ she was saying. He snapped out of staring at her heaving cleavage.
    'I do have one idea,' he said carefully.
    'Simon, I am desperate for you,' she replied huskily, keeping her eyes fixed on his. She smiled encouragingly flashing neat white teeth between full red lips.
    'Well, I have this friend where we can go. She’d want to join in, but it’s you I want. I’ll just give her a quickie and then we can have each other the rest of the evening.’
    ‘oh  yes anything if I can have you,’ she breathed flicking the long dark hair away from her heart shaped face. ‘I’ll just go and freshen up while you make the arrangements.’
    She stood slowly, making her skirt rise enough to show she wasn’t wearing panties. He saw the soft flesh of her thigh glistening with her love juice. He'd lucked out he thought as he flipped open his phone and scrolled through the list, watching the woman strut her way to the ladies.
    Once inside the ladies room, the woman dialed a number on her mobile.   
    ‘Hi Chloe, did you text him back?’
    She listened to the response.
    ‘Yeh he’s absolutely hooked. Have you got everything ready?’ She paused listening to everything Chloe told her.
    ‘Oh that is perfect, I wouldn’t have thought of viagra to make it work,’ she replied. ‘The chains? No I left them in the bedroom.’ The woman listened again and then laughed wickedly.
    ‘I’d never thought you could be so cruel darling. All the girls? Just like old times then. Oh excellent! What fun! We’ll be there in half an hour I reckon. Just got to keep his cock in his trousers ‘til I get to you. We don’t want him having his pleasure. This is about our fun.’
    She snapped the phone shut and walked back into the bar. He was standing ready to leave.
    ‘I didn’t catch your name,’ Simon said when they walked outside.
    ‘That’s because I didn’t tell you. But it’s Tara if you want to moan it out loud later.’
    Simon grinned greedily and placing a hand around her waist, steering  her in the direction of Chloe’s house, his brains firmly stuck between his legs, completely ignorant of the horror in store for him.
Go to the link below for the rest of the story to see how it will bite you....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

She discards the kimono and throws herself unselfconsciously onto the cushions. She positions herself so that her legs are parted. I survey Rosa’s soft form, her ample thighs and large pert breasts. I blush at the sight of the small neatly trimmed tuft of hair covering her clit, the naked lips of her pussy protruding beneath, the swell of her large round ass. The antithesis to my own slim frame. I wonder if Rosa sees the desire in my look. She is exactly what I want to touch

Saturday, 4 June 2011

my amazing co writer ..Thomas Halton Rusty is now blogging....

what amazes me with this professional writing relationship  is how his words affect me. I meet his words with  my own tantalizing thoughts but  his tease, stimulate, excite me ...  and my creative juices flow... (only those ?... you may wonder)

in the garden of eden

He smiles and his eyes darken with need. His cock returns and the pleasure of him entering me makes me push him out because I want him to enter me again and again.
    This teasing makes him wild with desire. He fucks me harder, holding me to him with one hand so I can’t escape again, squeezing a breast tightly with the other, he pumps me. His heavy balls smack against my ass. My clit is on fire desperate to come again and I am delirious from his power. He moans and I feel his shaft swelling inside me, feel his spunk rise and burst out, hitting the back of my womb, filling me and my orgasm breaks. We are locked together, our juices mixing into a flowing river of cum. We slow, panting, gasping from our release.
    He places his hands on the bench either side of my head and kisses me. His lips are soft now, and I kiss him deeply, slowly. A kiss intangibly connected to the lightning in the sky, sparking across my body like electricity.
excerpt from 'brief encounters' by mouna lott and T H Rusty