Thursday, 6 October 2011

hello new friends
thank you for accepting me on facebook.
I was explaining how my art is about love and sex, either written, drawn or painted. I hope you find it interesting and download a sample of the published anthologies I write with Thomas Halton Rusty.

My creative desire is to make social comment with humour, sensuality and pleasure. There is much to read between the lines of my collaborative writing. Our work emulates Anais Nin not chick romances. 
My erotic drawings are based on the fabulous pillow books of Japan in a modern context, not Manga...Hokusai is my favourite artist of this genre...
public domain picture: fisherman's wife by Hokusai
My work tries to express the passion rather than the close ups you get just googling sex without parental control in place. In the research I have done it always shocks me how quickly you arrive at the more violent images and that's really not what the art or writing is about for either Thomas or myself. Fun, pleasure, distraction, inspiration..
'floating afternoon'  © mouna lott
Erotic art dates back to Paleolithic cave paintings, but with digital imagery and the web, erotic art lies broken by the back of pronography, much of which on a google search engine is debatable as to whether it is either art or even erotic.
Édouard-Henri Avril's erotica series are bizarre in their posturing and more of a how to have sex. I wonder how long the models had to stand there like that... not a quick-chick-pic!
public domain picture: Erotic art by Édouard-Henri Avril.
One of my favorite works of erotica is I Modi. Destroyed by the Catholic Church it was only Agostino Caracci's version that survives. The second edition was accompanied by sonnets written by Pietro Aretino. Very cheeky about where to put his cock.
 Some of my posts below are excerpts of mine from TH Rusty and my collaborative erotica. Check out his blog at for some snatches of his words. The sizzling hot sex is part of the fun but  always we find ordinary settings to write about where human beings become quite extraordinary when it comes to sex. Just how far would we go? Well, every time I get excited from reading one of Thomas' short stories.. I have a desire to write a more epic sex scene than his..Ha ha competitive maybe.. but it means our writing keeps getting hotter ... no euphemisms and nothing very straightforward..haha. again thanks for joining me

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A chance online encounter has led to the hottest new erotic series from mainstream writers Mouna Lott and T.H.Rusty.

'Sex Games' is the first of two anthologies of their short story erotica. From everyday situations to something a little out of the ordinary, these tales are sure to get you hot under the collar. Satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed!

'Sex Games 2' is the second of the two anthologies of their short story erotica. More chance encounters come calling as no stone is left unturned. From shopping trips to building sites, stamina is a must! Sexy short tales tuned to please and pander, sit back and enjoy.

'Brief Encounters': In this novella Mouna is trying to beat breast cancer. A newly appointed text friend fuels her desires to explore her sexuality. He writes erotica and sends her stories. She emails back all the sexual experiences she has. The question is whether they will meet up to pursue this fantasy of lust in the flesh.