Saturday, 4 June 2011

in the garden of eden

He smiles and his eyes darken with need. His cock returns and the pleasure of him entering me makes me push him out because I want him to enter me again and again.
    This teasing makes him wild with desire. He fucks me harder, holding me to him with one hand so I can’t escape again, squeezing a breast tightly with the other, he pumps me. His heavy balls smack against my ass. My clit is on fire desperate to come again and I am delirious from his power. He moans and I feel his shaft swelling inside me, feel his spunk rise and burst out, hitting the back of my womb, filling me and my orgasm breaks. We are locked together, our juices mixing into a flowing river of cum. We slow, panting, gasping from our release.
    He places his hands on the bench either side of my head and kisses me. His lips are soft now, and I kiss him deeply, slowly. A kiss intangibly connected to the lightning in the sky, sparking across my body like electricity.
excerpt from 'brief encounters' by mouna lott and T H Rusty

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